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Florida’s Proposal for Settlement rules allow disputing parties to submit a monetary value that they would be willing to accept to settle their case and avoid court. While it may seem like a simple alternative dispute resolution option on the surface, a proposal for settlement can be used tactically as well.

If a proposal for settlement is submitted by the plaintiff and subsequently rejected by the defendant, the defendant will be on the hook for attorney fees if the judgment ends up 25% higher or more than the proposed amount. The same is true if the defendant submits a proposal for settlement and the plaintiff rejects it: the plaintiff will be required to pay attorney fees if the judgment ends up at least 25% lower than the offer.

Understanding this, there is a risk to rejecting a proposal that may help pressure the opposing party to settle.

However, an improperly developed proposal could end up costing your client far more in the long run, and it’s important to understand the stringent rules that must be followed for a proposal of settlement to be considered valid.

Florida’s Proposal “Guru”

Andrew Harris is a board-certified appellate lawyer that has earned a reputation as the “guru” when it comes to offers of judgement/proposals of settlement. He has spoken at numerous conferences, seminars, and webinars on this topic.

His deep understanding of the legal rules involved and ability to craft valid and enforceable offers based on the details of each case can give your clients a leg up in negotiations or increase the likelihood that your client won’t have to pay your attorney fees at all (something pretty much every client absolutely LOVES).

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With nearly two decades of experience in trial support, including helping to draft hundreds of successful proposals for settlement, be sure to consult the “Proposal Guru” before submitting your next offer.

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