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At Harris Appeals, we understand that trial attorneys’ time and resources are limited and that preparing for trial is paramount.

We help trial attorneys maintain their focus on trial preparation by providing legal research, analysis, and writing support at all stages of litigation. When trial attorneys engage our firm early in a case, we can help ensure that the strongest claims are advanced and that an advantageous record is strategically developed.

We can continue to assist throughout the litigation process by drafting substantive motions and responses, preparing jury instructions, and handling post-trial motions.

Harris Appeals will help you with:

Analyzing Key Issues of Florida Law Connected to Your Case

Preparing Complaints

Briefing and Arguing Dispositive Motions

Creating Proposed Jury Instructions

Developing Strong Legal Analysis

Preparing & Responding to Motions for Summary Judgment

Preparing & Responding to Motions for Dismissal

Drafting Motions in Limine

Preparing Strong Responses to Submitted Motions.

Evaluating Cases For an Appeal

Preserving Objections in the Trial Record

Arguing Dispositive Motions at Trial

Dedication + Collaboration

Harris Appeals is committed to the success of your case.

Another key to success is having the ability – and just as important, the willingness – to work closely with trial counsel and the client.

A dedication to a team approach and a commitment to effective, timely communication and unfailing responsiveness can all make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful outcome.

Working in tandem with trial counsel, ensuring preservation of the record for appeal while closely watching for dispositive issues as they occur in trial create the foundation for a win at trial or an eventual successful appeal.

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The attorneys at Harris Appeals have extensive experience in working with trial counsel on hundreds of cases, as well as years of clerkship experience at both the state and federal levels. This broad range of experience allows Harris Appeals to provide a full range of litigation and trial support services to our clients. 

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