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Appeals of criminal convictions are often extremely high stakes: After all, a client’s family, livelihood, freedom and even life can be at risk.

The complexity and extensive procedural requirements associated with the appeal of a criminal conviction may seem daunting on the surface, but experienced appellate attorneys understand that these rules may offer opportunities for a reversal of the conviction or a reduction of the sentence.

Harris Appeals, P.A. has the depth of experience necessary to help research and develop appeals focused tightly on both procedural errors or tangential issues which can be successfully attacked.


Our approach at Harris Appeals:

Overturning the Conviction is a Possibility

In short, a criminal conviction is not usually the end but often the beginning of a renewed effort involving the defendant’s trial attorney and an appellate lawyer to achieve justice.

Teamwork is a Must

Certainly, teamwork is a key to success, as is thorough and meticulous research by the client’s legal team. This is where a knowledgeable appellate attorney plays a huge role.

Identifying the Possible Errors

Our team is adept at identifying which error(s) leading to the conviction can be used as the basis for a successful appeal.

Efficiently Navigating Deadlines

Our team is also extremely knowledgeable in the exacting deadlines which, if missed, can lead to the appeal being dismissed.


Harris Appeals’ work and unmatched appellate representation speaks for itself.

“I endorse Harris Appeals. Andrew Harris is a brilliant and trustworthy attorney. My firm relies on Andrew to represent our clients on many appellate issues from protecting and upholding our verdicts after trial to working to assist us in trial preparation. I have been working with Andrew for more than 10 years as our appellate attorney.”

John Patterson

Balkan & Patterson LLP

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With nearly 20 years of appellate experience in state and federal courts, Harris Appeals has the keen understanding of each venue and how to successfully build an appeal to maximize the chance of justice being served for your clients.

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