Appeals in Civil Cases

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When a civil case involving personal injury, medical malpractice, divorce, trusts and estates, or a commercial dispute is lost, clients are often denied justice. This makes the appeal process all the more important. Alternatively, you may have won a seemingly resounding victory for your client only to have the opposing party appeal the verdict.

Harris Appeals, P.A. has extensive experience working with trial counsel and their clients on such appeals and has compiled a substantial record of success overturning unjust rulings or upholding favorable judgments.

Meticulous Research

Thorough research is key to a successful appeal, and Harris Appeals has earned a reputation for our rigorous legal analysis.

Whether the research reverses a procedural issue, uncovers obscure but relevant case law, or discovers key evidence was withheld, thorough examination of all relevant factors will often win the day for a civil appeal.

Exceptionally Clear & Concise Writing

Persuasive writing which effectively identifies the basis for the appeal and then applies a well-crafted, relevant argument to the issue is a must for a successful appeal.


Collaboration between all involved counsel and the client is crucial for a successful appeal. Counsel must work efficiently and effectively with one another if you want to reverse or uphold a lower court’s ruling.

A Commitment To Communication

Effective communication between counsel and the client ensures nothing “falls through the cracks,” or worse, is overlooked because it didn’t seem important. No fact or bit of evidence is too small that it should be left off the table when crafting a civil appeal. 

Harris Appeals is ready to get to work on your case.


Harris Appeals’ work and unmatched appellate representation speaks for itself.

“I endorse Harris Appeals. Andrew Harris is a brilliant and trustworthy attorney. My firm relies on Andrew to represent our clients on many appellate issues from protecting and upholding our verdicts after trial to working to assist us in trial preparation. I have been working with Andrew for more than 10 years as our appellate attorney.”

John Patterson

Balkan & Patterson LLP

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Harris Appeals, P.A. recognizes the importance of the skillsets and attributes that are required for a successful appeal. With years of experience crafting civil appeals, we understand the process inside and out and look forward to helping your clients achieve the justice they deserve.

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